Welcome to The Looney Bin's official home on the web.  The Looney Bin is becoming the best venue in the Kankakee area for live entertainments.  We have live music every Friday Night showcasing the hottest bands in the area.  Twice a month, we have comedy shows and our comedy shows are receiving a lot of attention.  In just a few short months, The Looney Bin has turned into the hottest club in Chicagoland for comedy.  See what the comics are saying:

The Looney Bin is hands down one of the best places to perform in Chicagoland. The shows are well run and the room always has a very high level of energy--which creates the ideal atmosphere for both the comic and the audience member.
-Mark Placek

The Crowds are the best crowds you are ever going to find.
It is great to work with someone who knows how a show works from all sides. It's obvious Nick understands how to fill room with people who want to see a show without hissing through their man-scarves when someone hits a nerve.  It was the most fun I have ever had onstage and off.
-Jon David

The crowd at the Looney Bin comes ready to laugh. The club is an amazing respite for comedians and patrons alike.  Nick is a funny man himself with a heart as big as outdoors. One of my favorite clubs to play.
-Ricky March

I've never done a show like that before in my life - and that's a good thing.  Leave your political correctness at the door and be ready to laugh at these shows!  These shows prove quality comedy events in Illinois do exist outside of Chicago.
-Dale Zawada

"The Looney Bin is one of my favorite places to perform; Nick and the staff are great, the crowd is drunk and supportive, and the place is always crowded."
-Mark Nabong

I've played virtually every stage in the big city, and the audience at the Looney Bin is second to none
-Jonathan Fin
201 S. Schuyler
Bradley, IL 60915
(815) 932-8232
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